A little bit of Kristi!
Tuesday, June 04, 2013
By Jamie
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Today is the day! Welcome to my first blog! My first blogging session!! Exciting right! Pretty much! I am so excited because I actually have so much to say about my amazing shoot today! Kristi's first outfit was a gold sequin tank top.. It was amazing, I was shooting and the sun was hitting it in an amazing way and I was like.. It looks like an animal.. a tiger! It was a tiger, hiding in the sequences! I just didn't notice it... Anyway, it was kinda amazing! Super fun! Tiger revealed by sun! We were tresspassing a little so our adrenline was rushing already, and then it was like, hey a tiger... anyway... Then we ventured out and enjoyed what was a beautiful day with a beautiful blue eyed girl! The rain was on its way and the clouds were amazing!



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