Thursday, June 20, 2013
By Jamie
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I had such a blast with Bree yesterday! We went to a kinda questionable area.. but hey, it is where her gang resides! No really, every grafitti I saw seemed to spell her name.. maybe it didn't really, but if definately seemed to! I still don't know what the graffitti spelt, but we are just going with it!  I probaly wouldn't have gone to this borderline area had I not had an amazing assistant! Thank you to Patrick Jones for making it happen! Realistically we wouldn't have even been able to get down the alley had he not picked up the homeless lady whom had fell out of her wheelchair! It was kinda crazy really! We also got yelled at by some guy because we were innoculating smoke right into their AC with our smoke bombs, opps! Felt really bad! I did have a great time though! 



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