Friday, July 12, 2013
By Jamie
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I had such an amazing day today! I shot Dani and we had a blast! We went ALL OVER town! She is such a hoot!  Thankfully we didn't have any real tragedys! We did see a couple dead crawdads and a BILLION grasshoppers! They were definately hopping... all I knew is I was keeping my mouth closed! This is the second time I have taken her pics and she wore her hair curly.. WHICH I LOVED!! Her photos turned out amazing! Here is her sneak peek! Enjoy meeting Dani!  Also, if you don't have an appointment for your senior pics and you want to use me call soon! I am almost booked up!! (But I do have some openings!) AND LASTLY.. I WOULD TOTALLY APPRECIATE IT IF YOU VOTE FOR ME FOR Denvers A list! http://denveralist.cityvoter.com/jamie-rich-photography/biz/579027?r=short



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