Jordan and Kaity
Tuesday, June 25, 2013
By Jamie
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I had such a blast with these girls! Honestly I think I love the shoots with two girls the very best! I hope you two had fun too!  We had quite the adventure! Obviously we played with color run powder! That was actually last and was super fun.. though I wish I would have brought more! The funniest story ever though.. We were by the wheat (where Jordan is wearing the red sweater) My assistant stayed in the car.. It totally said no parking, fire zone or whatever.. so she was parked for get away!  Well, first a fire engine went by and I don't even think she looked up from her ipad, but she says she did! THEN, a police officer pulled over behind her and walked towards us! I walked toward him and he was like, "are you guys ok?" I responded that we were just taking pics and asked permission... we were fine.  We were talking right by the car window, my assistant never noticed. Then he pulled away.  My assistant honks and leans out the window, "that was a cop!"  HAHAH So funny! Maybe you had to be there, or I would have to be a writer for you to think it is as funny as it was, but it was hilarious!



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