Friday, June 07, 2013
By Jamie
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So here I am, one last blog before my computer goes in for a check up! This is Kara! She is actually by best friends daughter and is getting involved in pagentry! Not really sure what the heck they are thinking but here we go! Let us know your favorite pics, each one she submits is 50$... just to submit it! Is that crazy?  I guess that is the tea in tierras lifestyle! Fun. Fun. So, besides my computer going in I am having these crazy shots in my foot today, so if you happen to be reading this feel FREE to PRAY for me! I am pretty nervous.  I am also HOPEFUL that they are going to be life changing! For now, they are just painful!  Okay, so back to Kara! Isn't she just adorable?  I think I love taking young teen pics as much as senior pics! I am considering some kind of fantastic "I'm finally a teenager" package especially for 13 year old birthdays! What do you think! Don't be shy, make a comment! I like comments. YAY! Okay, have a great week, see you like Thursday...




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