Saturday, August 17, 2013
By Jamie
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So, I know it has been a while since I blogged.. but today, definately worth a story! Meet Lindsey! She is a fantastic girl and we had an amazing time! We went for the downtown adventure and that it was! We started at their downtown loft. We climbed the stairs to the roof and I heard Mark say "don't shut the door"! It was to late, her mom had pulled it shut. So there we were locked up on the roof of their fancy downtown loft! We were rescued, so don't worry.. I am not blogging from the loft and we did finish her shoot!

Then we found this pretty creepy alley way and ever since snake man I am cautious! So.. I told Nathan to look in the broken glass (which he had already put in my mind were probaly gunshot holes) and he did. Then he screamed and Lindsey and her mom and I jumped about 10 feet and landed in a group hug! That was fun, he was kidding. ha. ha.

Then we went to a fantastic dinner and had the best gluten free pizza ever! I mean ever! I don't know what it was called and will probaly never be able to find it again but that may be for the better!

After dinner I really wanted to go to one more place so we decided to go to that little rivery place, you know, the one by Elitches? Well I am tramping through with my camera (practically running) (practically swimming) and Lindsey was like.. "there are leeches in here" WHATTTTTTTTTTTT.. have you met me?? I freaked out, she was like I am just kidding.. Guess what, she wasn't kidding..... There are leeches! Anyway, it was a ton of fun. I really love my job! I hope you had as much fun as me Lindsey!!




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