Meet Erin
Thursday, May 07, 2015
By Jamie Rich Photography
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Meet Erin!! Sunday was my first CLASS OF 2016 SENIOR SESSION!  I had a blast with Erin! This girl is brilliant and has already lettered in academics! (which I almost spelt wrong, lol)  She is going to go to school and major in film and minor in theater!




She dances and we had an amazing time capturing some classic dance poses! She is kind, creative, happy, funny, smart and authentic! It was an absolute pleasure working with her!!


Of course based on this photo she is a wild little sabercat! Lol!


If you are looking for someone to tell your story, I would love to! Class of 2016, it's your time, what's your story??

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Mary - Love this, great pictures. The tree tunnel with the hanging ballet shoes is fantastic