Wednesday, June 12, 2013
By Jamie
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To blog or not to blog!? That is the question! That has been the question for 12 years.  Why blog?  Is anyone going to read this blog?  Could I really just write anything?  Maybe it becomes the habit of some fun people, like, hey good morning world.. I'm up and I am going to go read Jamie Rich's blog and see what is going on in her corner of the world!  Anyway, I have done it, I have jumped into the bloggy world of blogging.  That being said.. This is Mister, I think his name is Mister, maybe it is Mackenzie or Makenzie! Who knows... He is my nephew though! Haha! I call him Mister! He is a little musical! You may of heard of him.. If you haven't you probaly will soon enough! His musical talents will take him where ever he wants to go! That is what I hope for him anyway! I think that is what he hopes for him too!  So, if you haven't heard his music you totally should! His site is www.makenzieleemusic.com He really is talented! He is pretty handsome too right! Anyway, enjoy his pics and then go enjoy his music!








Love love love this kid too!


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