Nick and Kails
Wednesday, June 12, 2013
By Jamie
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I love these kids! Well of course Kaileigh is my neice and she is amazing, and Nick brought me coffee so I thought I would blog about it! Bloggin about my amazing coffee or these amazing kids!? Well, both! First of all, NICK, THANK YOU for the delishiousness that came in that green and white cup! I still don't have a clue what it is, but I will always have a photo of the cup! Nick and K are newly in <3! These aren't engagement photos or anything like that! These are... I am going to go ahead and get to know my neices new boy and form an opinion of him! I like him.  He is super cool, oh.. but we know that because he brought me coffee today! Besides that he seems like a great guy, and I approve! So this shoot was super fun! We just went around getting to know eachother! I like to get to know my people anyway but this was an especially important get to know! Ha ha! Seriously, I am wondering.. do people really read these.  Anyway! Have a blessed day everyone! Make some memories today!










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