Swim pics!
Thursday, June 13, 2013
By Jamie
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Today it was was the day! Swim photos! a ton of kids and a ton of fun! It was a great day! I showed up at the pool and it was as crowded as Elitches.  With guilt and hesitation I started to clear a section of the pool so I could get a cool shot, and then it started, the rain (a few drizzles) and then lightning... 1 lightnening bolt. Just enough for the lifeguards to close it up! It was perfect really! So I did the individual pics and then the group pic and then I had a few pics left to take... It got a little windy and no joke the umbrella smacked me in the head! I have a huge goose egg! I atually think something weird happened, like everything went black for a second! I was literally to embarassed to acknowledge it.. I sat down for like 4 seconds and then was like, ok lets finish this! I was totally shakey. So, I will say besides the umbrella in the head the swim pics were a success! Thank you to everyone who showed up and I will be having make up photos for the kids who missed! I know all the rock swimmers were in Grand Junction! :-)






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