The Pettit Family
Thursday, June 13, 2013
By Jamie
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I feel like I blog about the stuff I miss! I guess that is perfect though really, I mean what else are photographs for! You know, I have NO pics of my mom, well.. that is I lie! I have 1 framed 4x6 photo collage with 3 pics in it (one with her). It is the saddest thing ever.  That is why I became a photographer really! To remember.  We forget, we think everyone will just be here always! I love pictures.  I love memories! I thank God for them!  I also thank God that I met this lovely family! I miss them to death, and I miss the snow.. in this Firey state right now to think that it has only been six weeks since our last snow fall. So, here it is a pic of the Pettit's in the snow.  They now live in a far far away land.  I am not sure where, neverland maybe, where they never have to grow up?  Fantasyland, where all their dreams are coming true? Tomorrowland....hey maybe I will plan a trip there tomorrow!! I don't know but I miss em! That is all for now! I have a crazy week! In total I should shoot around 300 people! Two huge groups, Swim team and the Marilyn Hickey partner weekend and then I think 6 seniors this week! Whew! Sorry If I am a little off the Grid! I do have a few appointments left, if you are looking to book with me call soon! I will return calls in the order they are recieved!





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