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To make your portraits even more spectacular here are a few hints, and how to prepare.


First, prepare to have fun. Plan to bring a friend that will help you relax and have fun. Parents and friends are always welcome during your appointment. My goal is that this is a memorable experience with no stress. At the same time they are not allowed to bring cameras!


Make your clothing choices wisely. You want colors that flatter your skin tones and shape. Solid colors are usually more complementary in a photo. Feel free to bring as many outfits as you want, as I can help you choose.


Retouching will be done on the final portraits, so no need to "stress" over the small stuff, and no reason to cancel you appointment because of it.


Thanks for having you pictures taken with Jamie Rich Photography!


Finally - Seniors: Bring at least two outfits for each session. Variety is key...Make sure you have an outfit that your parents would like hanging on their wall, and then bring some outfits that say "you". You can be as casual or as formal as you'd like, or a mix of both. If you are involved in any sports or activities make sure to bring a representation of it! Check out our senior page for more suggestions!


Please call us if you have any questions 303-815-7660


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